PASSIONART - Art by Larz LindqviST


I like to show my art where ordinary people who do not visit galleries or museums can see my art in their everyday lives. It also puts art into society where it belongs and enriches life. Here is an example from a tube station in London where I exhibited several times, like as in Los Angelos Grand Central station, at big road signs in New Orleans or at the big digital sceen in Times Square N.Y., or at Stureplan, Sweden and graffitiwalls and as live performance, and magazines of course .... 
That´s why I also like Street art and graffiti.

Enjoy my art! 


Del i Julsalongen på
Norrtälje Konsthall

11/12 2021 - 15/1 2022

Samma tid också med på
Galleri Ekman, Norrtäljes