Larz presentation in Swedish

Larz Lindqvist, Contemporary Swedish painter

Swedish national awarded painter

I SOMETIMES AGREE (Larz 16 years old)

Born in Enköping, painted seriously from a very young age. Selected for the Moderna Museet at the age of 15. 1st Graffiti wall in 1972. Good reviews when exhibit at 18. Art Studies and Art School and so on….

Worked social with his art in different ways. Studied theology for 4 1/2 years and have worked as Priest, with youth, homeless and criminals, often through his art. For example by preaching with live graffiti. Larz has worked under several pseudonyms since he was young.

View of Art
I am convinced that Love is the innermost and ultimate of life, the closest we can sense, feel the greatness of life, the mystery, the spiritual, and the meeting with each other beneath the surface. This is something that art with its expressions often opens windows to and helps us to sense, a greater existence, depth and to be able to take in a little more of life's dimension, grandeur, beauty and to have courage and inspiration to follow the heart.

You are you, a human being and you are priceless.

Art is a language that reaches below the surface, opens up and is a vital necessity for a functioning society. Art provides encounters where something happens and that changes something every time and involves the viewer and gives rise to thought, reflection, experiences that give life and enrich life.

Welcome to be touched, changed and rejoice in life. Art is vital for Life!

Follow your Heart!

Peace and Love!

 Welcome too meet the art of LARZ!

Larz like to show his art where ordinary people who do not visit galleries or museums can see art in their everyday lives. It also puts art into society where it belongs and enriches life. Here is an example from a tube station in London where he exhibited several times, like as in Los Angelos Grand Central station, at big road signs in New Orleans or at the big digital sceen in Times Square N.Y., or at Stureplan, Sweden and graffitiwalls and as live performance, and magazines of course during the last twenty years.
That´s why Larz also like Street art and graffiti.

Larz often paints on several paintings at the same time. Usually in different styles. He has gone from Expressionism, Classic Renaissance, Surrealism to Photorealistic and now mainly large abstract paintings. (and some streetart)